Monday, 10 September 2012

Humans relationship with nature and a world in peace - PART: 2

Every time in nature I feel more connected to the heart of things. Vast oceans teeming with life, mountains shadowing valleys below, wind sweeping across deserts, carrying the sounds and smells of a million places with it, the warmth of the sun on your skin… the smell of crisp fresh air. It is important to take the time to be in nature, think about it all and appreciate the moment you are in.

These things are all awe-inspiring and being in their presence affords you the time to be reflective on life and look objectively on the world. I remember this feeling most on a three month Arctic expedition I was on. That amount of time in nature’s harsh elements forces the clutter of daily life out of one’s head and gives one the chance to look in at the world as 'an outsider'. I remember thinking to myself how incredible our species is to have evolved to do the things we do, but also how lost we are within the way we live with the knowledge we have. The knowledge we have been passed on from a thousand other discoveries from generations before us.

It made me understand where the human ego comes a little more. Think about it. If all of our memories were wiped tomorrow, we would not even be able to tie our shoelaces. Most human beings have this innate feeling that somehow we are better than other creatures on this planet and therefore have the right to abuse the intelligence we have to control and use them for our benefit, without a regard for their lives and wellbeing. But all our intelligence in essence is an accumulation of small discoveries over a long period of time.

The main two things that leaped the human species forward in evolution are opposable thumbs and the potential to communicate with one another. This ability to communicate is what has allowed us to share information over time and build on what people before us have learned about the planet. As incredible as we seem, all we are doing is adding to this and building on experiences before us.

I can see how people can mistake our species for a godlike creature, better than the rest. One that has ‘the right’ to choose what can live and die, suffer or not. But this is not the way to live. Nor is it the way our species will live harmoniously with mother earth and survive in the years to come. We have to respect every element of life and view ourselves as equals to the rest and in striving for such a way of living the world will instantly be a better place.

Every day we find ourselves faced with injustices in this world and I don’t know about you but it makes me incredibly frustrated and saddened. Sometimes my love for life and peoples wellbeing makes my heart want to burst I feel so empathetic. It can really hurt. This empathy and passion is what is driving me to write this piece. I believe that empathy is going to be one of the most important feelings in the coming years of the planet. For one to be empathetic to another and feel compassionate to them is what is going to help us understand and care for our fellow man and creature and stop us causing injustices and fighting for futile goals and killing one another for them. The idea that countries spend billions with the pure aim of creating machinery that kills our fellow man is unfathomable. In the modern day and age and the knowledge we now have it is unacceptable to behave the way we do. I know we are an immature species and have not been around long, but that is no excuse to behave and continue to behave in the immature manner we do.

Our striving to have a better relationship with nature can help us all to have the ability to look at the bigger picture and not get caught up in small things in life. Enabling us to put aside meaningless differences. It will help us take away what I like to call the ‘confused human ego’ and allow us to live a more humble and peaceful existence.

In that picture from out of space we are one. There are no borders, races, and nationalities. We are all people of one home. Let’s start acting that way and use the knowledge and intelligence we have to create a better world.


  1. I am really blown away by how much you care and how intelligent your thoughts are as well as your empathy with the planet. Why can't everyone be like this!

  2. I feel your sentiments, but man, I just don't think the average person cares about the "bigger picture" using nature as context.

    Think about the average man/woman who has to deal with a job, kids, payments, etc. Do you think he/she can afford to stop and think about his/her relationship to the rest of the world?

    I do honestly feel people should strive to make more meaningful connections (not necessarily deep) to both the individuals around them as well as to the planet, but I just don't see this happening without some sort of radical societal mental shift.

  3. Wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments and very well put.There is no greater power/God than Mother Earth whatever other name we may like to call her.

    Sadly we seem to be a billion light years away from ever seeing this idealist scenario come even close. Humankind is, as you say, just another creature on this planet but the one with the most 'intellence' Our power and arrogance could well be our ultimate downfall.

    As a species we generally fail to see the 'bigger picture' so we try to make a world that suits us by altering/destroying nature and each other.

    In the end if we continue on this path we will ultimately destroy ourselves(humankind) but mother nature will live on and florish and probably give a sigh of relief.

  4. This is great Sam, truly beautiful and really inspirational!
    We would love to publish your articles on our site... how we can contact you?
    Wishing you all the best.
    Can't wait for next article.

  5. You know, Neil Amstrong once said that looking down on the planet from space was the most moving and spiritual experience he had ever had. Many astronauts have indicated the same. It seems to me you already have a good idea so when you finally do take your slot in Virgin Galactic, make sure you are prepared and ready because its going to be a super rush and may change you again forever! God bless. Gaiarocks!

  6. Hi Sam,
    I read both parts of your article with interest. I too realise our connection with everything and believe that empathy has an important part to play in the way we-as human beings communicate, not just with our own people but with other species. On a dive off the shores of Moraira in Spain I once saw a tiny octopus and was blown away by the connection I felt with this creature as it vulnerably observed us, realising the responsibility we have as a race to 'care' for what is ours on our planet. I can't change the world but I can learn, adjust and evolve myself and hope that my love (which is an action as well as a feeling) touches those around me and encourages the same. Keep blogging!