Friday, 24 January 2014

Why I Set Up Sundog Pictures

I set up Sundog Pictures because I believe that the medium of film is one of the most powerful tools in the modern era to create positive social change. It has the ability to take huge complex subjects and put them across in an easy to understand form. Changing peoples views and in turn changing the world itself. 

We aim to tell stories that matter and start conversations around important subjects. Not in a worthy or preachy way, but in a way that engages, inspires and entertains, bringing new audiences to important subjects. The best stories are ones that create discussion and leave you feeling inspired or fired up to make a change.

Our first feature length documentary Breaking The Taboo focused on the failed War on Drugs and was watched by nearly a million people on YouTube within four weeks. It was an incredible success and it did what it set out to do - get people talking about a futile 40+ year war that has caused nothing but endless suffering around the globe and put pressure on governments to find better solutions.

In our critically acclaimed TV documentary Turtle Boy we looked at the amazing human spirit of a young boy in Columbia and upped Channel 4's slot average by 75%.

In our touching film 'Becoming Me' (a piece of branded content for a recruitment agency Randstad U.K.) we gave people who are looking for career fulfilment a voice and in 'Wind For Prosperity' we are telling the incredible story of Danish wind energy company Vesta’s, who are in a bid to end energy poverty around the globe.

That’s just some of the amazing projects we have made and are making here at Sundog Pictures. They are all different types of content on different types of media - be it TV, internet or on the big screen - but one thing connects them all. They all have the Sundog imprint, our DNA that runs through everything that we do. They are stories that matter. Inspiring, informing and entertaining. 

Thanks for the support!

Sam :)

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